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Breathe City Church (BCC) [1] is a Pentecostal Church based in Stoke on Trent, UK


Breathe City Church, formerly known as Bethel City Church, operates from multiple sites (or “Campuses”) around the city of Stoke on Trent and surrounding region. The church's main congregation meet at its city location on Leek Road in the city centre.[2] Its other campuses are based in Hanley,[3] and Fenton,[4]


Breathe City Church gather every Sunday morning at their city centre venue. They also run Sunday afternoon services in 3 separate locations in different regions across North Staffordshire.[5] The different congregations are named by their respective geographical relation to the city of Stoke. What is known as "BCC North" gathers in Biddulph High School, "BCC South" gathers in Blurton Community Hub and "BCC East" gathers at the Guildhall in Cheadle.


Breathe City Church is very active in the local community and engages in numerous social action projects. One such project is called LoveStoke[6] - an initiative that gathers volunteers together to undertake renovation projects in the local area. LoveStoke is also one of the nominated charities for Stoke on Trent's largest sporting event - the Potters Arf' Marathon.[7]


BCC is an Assemblies of God Church[8] and a member of the Evangelical Alliance.[9] In addition, BCC is also part of the Hillsong Church Network,[10] Abundant Life Network,[11] and the Willow Creek Association.[12] The stated purpose of Breathe City Church is to glorify God and to breathe life into the city of Stoke on Trent and the vision statement is to build a church that loves people for who they are and inspires them to be all they can be.[13]


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