Breg, Žirovnica

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Breg is located in Slovenia
Location in Slovenia
Coordinates: 46°23′40″N 14°7′30″E / 46.39444°N 14.12500°E / 46.39444; 14.12500Coordinates: 46°23′40″N 14°7′30″E / 46.39444°N 14.12500°E / 46.39444; 14.12500
Country Slovenia
Region Upper Carniola
Municipality Žirovnica
Elevation 537 m (1,762 ft)
Population (2002)
 • Total 598
St. Radegund's Church, Breg

Breg (pronounced [ˈbɾeːk]) is one of ten villages in the Municipality of Žirovnica in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia.

Breg was first mentioned in 1348. The older part of the settlement lies close to the banks of the Sava River and in the vicinity of the Gothic church of St. Radegund.

The church was first mentioned in 1468 as a church belonging to the Diocese of Radovljica, but is an older building with Romanesque foundations, partly reflected in the shape of nave and its flat ceiling. Most of the remaining structure is from the mid-17th century. There are two entrances to the church, one from the 14th century and a dated Renaissance portal from 1629. The belltower with its typical onion-shaped roof is baroque. There are frescoes of St. Radegund and St. Lawrence on the southern wall. St. Michael fighting a dragon is represented on the northern wall and there is a baroque painting of St. Christopher on the southern exterior. There is evidence of a wall encircling the church, probably built in the 15th century to protect local inhabitants against Turkish raids in the area.[2] This was demolished in the 17th century, when the church was being rebuilt. A 1994 archaeological excavation around the church also revealed graves from the later period of Slavic settlement in the area (9th to 19th century AD).

The newer part of the village lies further north towards the main road. There are open fields towards the east of the village, and it borders on a forest along the banks of the Sava towards the west.


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