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For The Bergen Steamship Company ship, see MV Bremnes.
Bremnes kommune
Former Municipality
Slåtterøy Lighthouse.
Slåtterøy Lighthouse.
Country Norway
County Hordaland
District Vestlandet
Municipality ID NO-1220
Adm. Center Bremnes
Population (1963)
 • Total 4,829
Created from Finnås in 1916.
Merged with Bømlo in 1963.

Bremnes is a former municipality in Hordaland county, Norway.

It was created by the split of Finnås on July 1, 1916, which created the new municipalities Moster, Bømlo and Bremnes. At that time Bremnes had a population of 3,411. The latter municipalities were later merged into Bømlo, which still remains today.

On 1 January 1963 the three municipalities were reunited under the name Bømlo. Before the merger Bremnes had a population of 4,829.[citation needed]