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Brenda W. Clough (also credited as B.W. Clough) is an American science fiction and fantasy writer.[1]

Brenda W. Clough has been nominated to an Hugo Award[citation needed] and a Nebula Award in 2002 for her Novella "May Be Some Time".[2] She currently teaches writing workshops at the Writers Center in Bethesda, MD.[citation needed]



  • The Crystal Crown, 1984
  • The Dragon of Mishbil, 1985
  • The Realm Beneath, 1986
  • The Name of the Sun, 1988
  • An Impossumble Summer, 1992
  • How Like a God, 1997
  • Doors of Death and Life, 2000
  • Revise the World, 2008

Short stories[edit]


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