Brera Astronomical Observatory

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Brera Astronomical Observatory
Brera - cupole.jpg
(ca. 1886-1890)
Code 027  
Location Brera, Milan, Italy
Coordinates 45°28′17″N 9°11′22″E / 45.47139°N 9.18944°E / 45.47139; 9.18944Coordinates: 45°28′17″N 9°11′22″E / 45.47139°N 9.18944°E / 45.47139; 9.18944
Established 1764

The Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera (Brera Astronomical Observatory) is an astronomical observatory. Built in the historic palace of Brera in Milan, Italy in 1764 by Jesuits, control of the observatory passed to the government in 1773 where it has remained.

In 1862, The Government of Italy funded the purchase of a 218mm Merz Equatorial Refracting Telescope that was ordered to the German constructor Georg Merz, in 1862.[1] [2] [3] [4]


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