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This article is about the American musician and singer-songwriter. For the New Zealand politician, see Brett Hudson (politician).
Brett Hudson
Born January 18, 1953 (1953-01-18) (age 62)
Portland, Oregon, United States
Residence Malibu, California, United States
Occupation Musician, singer/songwriter, TV producer, writer
Years active 1965–present

Brett Stuart Hudson (born January 18, 1953), is an American musician and singer-songwriter, possibly best known as the youngest of the 1970s group the Hudson Brothers,[1] is now a TV producer and writer living in Malibu, California.

Hudson formed the production company Frozen Pictures[2] with Burt Kearns. He has produced many television shows including All the presidents' Movies with Martin Sheen for Bravo, The Secret History of Rock 'N' Roll for Court TV[3] hosted by Gene Simmons of KISS as well as Fox TV's A Current Affair.[4] He also co-wrote and produced the Burt Reynolds movie Cloud 9.

He can still be heard singing background on an odd assortment of CDs including Alice Cooper's 1994 The Last Temptation and Ringo Starr's 1999 I Wanna Be Santa Claus. He is also a trumpet player. He was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2007 and after receiving many conventional as well as alternative/complimentary cancer treatments has been in remission since 2010. He is the uncle of singer/songwriter Sarah Hudson,[5] actress Kate Hudson of Almost Famous and her brother, actor Oliver Hudson of the WB's The Mountain.

Hudson received the 2009 Las Vegas Film Festival Golden Ace Award in the Documentary Feature category for The Seventh Python.[6] He previewed his movie The Chris Montez Story[7] with Montez at The Fest For Beatles Fans convention held March 2010 in Secaucus, New Jersey.[8]2012 Hudson Produced Hansel and Gretel Get Baked released theatrically by Tribeca Films


Hudson married Lavinia Lang. They have two children, Tess born 1983 (age 31–32) and Jonathan born 1987 (age 27–28).


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