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Brevan Howard
Industry Investment management
Founded 2002 (2002)
Founder Alan Howard
Headquarters Jersey
Products hedge funds
AUM $40 billion

Brevan Howard (Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP)[1] is a European hedge fund management company based in Jersey with its funds domiciled in the Cayman islands.[2] The company was co-founded by Alan Howard and four others in 2002.[3][4] It has been described as the largest "macro hedge fund" in the world[5][6] with $40 billion in assets under management (AUM) as of October 2013.[7][8]


Brevan Howard was co-founded in 2002 by five "fixed-income traders from Credit Suisse":[9] Alan Howard,[2] James Vernon, Jean-Philippe Blochet, Chris Rokos, and Trifon Natsis.[3][10] The company name was created by utilizing portions of the last names of the co-founders.[11] Blochet took a "sabbatical" in 2008, returned and left the firm again in November 2009.[12] Vernon left his position as chief executive officer (CEO) in 2011 but returned to the company as group chief operating officer (COO) in September 2013.[13][14] Another co-founder, Rokos, retired from the company in 2012.[13][15] The company received $2 billion to manage in the global macro fund from Credit Suisse Private Bank. Under the leadership of Brevan Howard's founding partner, assets grew to $10.5 billion in 2006.[16] The company generated a 25% return in 2007 and returns from their global macro fund continued to perform well during the financial crisis of 2008.[16]

In 2010, the company moved its headquarters from London to Geneva.[9] In July 2012, the firm opened an affiliate firm in New York called Brevan Howard U.S. Investment Management LP which had about $800 million in assets under management.[9] Brevan Howard established Brevan Howard Capital Management LP on the island of Jersey.[when?][17] As of June 2013 it was reported to be the largest European hedge fund management firm based on its total AUM.[4][17] An April 2013 article in the Financial News described the company as "the biggest and best-performing [hedge fund management] firm in Europe".[3]

Investment products and strategies[edit]

As a macro hedge fund the company aspires to profit as a result of "broad economic trends" and trades many types of assets including commodities and currencies.[17][17] According to founding partner, Nagi Kawkabani, the firm's overall strategy is focusing on "near-term opportunities" and establishing investment positions that are maintained for one to six months.[16]

The firm manages 11 funds [18] including the Brevan Howard Master Fund (BHMF) 2003, Brevan Howard Multi-Strategy Master Fund Limited (BHMS) 2008, Brevan Howard Emerging Markets Strategies Master Fund Limited (BHEMS) 2007, Brevan Howard Credit Catalysts Master Fund Limited (BHCC) 2009, the Brevan Howard Asia Master Fund Limited (BHA) 2004,[4] the Brevan Howard Emerging Markets Local Fixed Income Fund (BHEML),[19] Brevan Howard Credit Catalysts Master Fund Limited ("BHCC"),[20] Brevan Howard Commodities Strategies Master Fund Limited ("BHCS"),[21] Brevan Howard Systematic Trading Master Fund Limited ("BHST"),[22] Brevan Howard Credit Value Master Fund Limited ("BHCV"),[23] Brevan Howard CMBS Master Fund Limited ("BHCMBS"),[24] Brevan Howard Investment Fund II - Macro FX Fund Limited ("BHMFX"),[25] The company also manages three closed-ended feeder funds, listed on the London Stock Exchange. They are: BH Global Limited (BHMG), BH Macro Limited (BHGG)[26] and Brevan Howard Credit Catalysts Limited (BHCC).[27]

Its flagship fund, the Brevan Howard Master Fund Ltd., had a $28 billion AUM as of October 2013.[8] The fund had a 6% loss in 2011 and a 14% gain in 2012. As of 2013, the fund had averaged a 12 percent annual gain since its inception in 2003.[8][17][28] In 2012 the fund was capped at $25 billion AUM and closed to new investors.[16] In 2013, the fund was reported to be the 11th most popular hedge fund amongst institutional investors in the U.S.[8] In 2014, the fund lost 0,8%,[29] posting the first loss in a calendar year since its inception.

Corporate affairs[edit]

Brevan Howard describes itself as a "global alternative asset manager" and maintains offices in London, Geneva, St. Helier, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Washington and New York.[30] The company employs more than 430 people worldwide with 28 employees in its New York office[8] and more than 40 employees at its offices located on the island of Jersey.[13][16][31] Eighty of its employees are traders[18] that receive commissions equal to "11% to 17% of gains."[3] This segment of the employee base includes 15 traders who work at the company's Ramat Gan, Israel office[32] with 38 traders being added to the "global team" of employees in 2012.[3] According to one of the company's founding partner's, "high turnover is part of the business model" and traders are "cut" if they do no perform up to the company's standards for success.[11][16] According to one investment consultant, "It's a very mercenary [corporate] culture.” [4] Brevan Howard's standards for success in trading are so high that some traders who have been dismissed from Brevan Howard "have become stars at other firms."[11] Geraldine Sundstrom, joined the company in 2007 and is a company partner and portfolio manager for the Brevan Howard Emerging Markets Strategies Master Fund Limited.[8][33]

Brevan Howard has made a variety of philanthropic contributions to the Imperial College Business School (ICBS). The company donated £20.1m over eight years to fund a financial economics research centre.[34] As of 2013 the firm had donated £1.5m to ICBS's, Alan Howard Scholarships for Energy Futures.[34] In 2012, BrevanHoward pledged a £250,000 donation to the ARK Bentworth PrimaryAcademy.[35]

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