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This article is about the Columbus neighborhood. For the Cincinnati district, see Over-the-Rhine Brewery District.
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The Brewery District is a neighborhood located in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Located just south of the central business district, the area has a history stretching nearly 200 years. It is bounded by Interstate 70 on the north, South Pearl Street on the east, Greenlawn Avenue on the south, and the Scioto River on the west. The first brewery was opened by German immigrant Louis Hoster in 1836.[1] At the height of its success, there were five breweries located in the area. As the years passed, consolidation of the breweries took place. However, the market went south when, in 1920, Prohibition took effect due to the passage of the 18th Amendment. The area declined, becoming home to some industry and warehouses. In recent years, redevelopment has taken place on a large scale, with numerous restaurants, bars, and even a grocery store coming to the area. The radio station CD 101, now CD102.5, also calls the district home. The Germania Club, a German-American Singing and Sports Society, has been in the area since 1866 and in 1927 purchased the former home of one of the prestigious brew masters of the neighborhood, Nicolaus Schlee for use by the club.



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