Brez besed

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Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia "Brez besed"
Eurovision Song Contest 1966 entry
Country Yugoslavia
Artist(s) Berta Ambrož
Language Slovene
Composer(s) Mojmir Sepe
Lyricist(s) Elza Budau
Conductor Mojmir Sepe
Finals performance
Final result 7th
Final points 9
Appearance chronology
◄ "Čežnja" (1965)   
"Vse rože sveta" (1967) ►

"Brez besed" ("Without words") was the Yugoslav entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 1966, composed by Mojmir Sepe and Elza Budau and performed by Berta Ambrož in Slovene.

On the night of the contest the song was performed 5th, following Luxembourg's Michèle Torr with "Ce soir je t'attendais" and preceding Norway's Åse Kleveland with "Intet er nytt under solen". At the close of the voting it had received 9 points, placing 7th in a field of 18.

It was succeeded as Yugoslav representative at the 1967 contest by Lado Leskovar with "Vse rože sveta".

Some controversy has developed in recent times due to the similarity of the melody of this song in comparison to Spain 1973 entry "Eres tú"