Brezovica, Zagreb

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Brezovica as a part of Zagreb

Brezovica is a city district of Zagreb, Croatia. It is located in the southwestern part of the city and has 12,040 inhabitants (as of 2011).[1] It is one of the more rural districts in Zagreb. The A1 highway passes through Brezovica, although it has no exits there.

Of note is Dvorac Brezovica, an eighteenth-century chateau now owned by the Zagreb Archdiocese. Dvorac Brezovica (castle) has been abandoned for several years and the building and its surroundings have fallen into disrepair.

List of neighborhoods in Brezovica[edit]

  • Brebernica
  • Demerje
  • Donji Dragonožec
  • Goli Breg
  • Gornji Dragonožec
  • Grančari
  • Havidić Selo
  • Horvati
  • Hudi Bitek
  • Lipnica
  • Kupinečki Kraljevac
  • Odranski Obrež
  • Strmec
  • Donji Trpuci
  • Gornji Trpuci
  • Starjak
  • Zadvorsko


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Coordinates: 45°42′56.09″N 15°55′14.18″E / 45.7155806°N 15.9206056°E / 45.7155806; 15.9206056