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Brian Bedford is a song writer, singer and studio recording engineer.


Born 7 August 1949 in Barnsley, Yorkshire, Brian Bedford was educated at the Oaks County Secondary Modern School, Huddersfield School of Music and Bretton Hall College of Education. He took up cello whilst still at school, deciding music lessons were more appealing that spending cold playtimes outdoors. His then cello teacher, Eric Cooper, recognised and nurtured a spark of talent and encouraged him to apply for music college, something very few youngsters from his educational background did at the time.

After achieving a Diploma in Music from Huddersfield (1969-1972), Brian completed a post graduate teaching certificate at Bretton Hall College in Wakefield (1972-3) and went on to teach primary children for sixteen years at Crofton in Wakefield at both Crofton Shay Lane Junior and Infants and later Crofton Shay Lane Infants where he was deputy head until 1989.

In 1985 Brian was one of the founder members of the vocal harmony trio, Artisan (group), continuing to teach until Artisan's workload forced the decision to leave teaching in 1989 and become a full-time musician. He began writing songs and became Artisan's primary songwriter with the release of the album, Breathing Space with all songs by Brian.

His best known and most popular singe remains "What's the Use of Wings" from Artisan's 1991 CD Rocking at the End of Time. In addition to Artisan's own version the song has been covered by artists as diverse as Vin Garbutt, the late John Wright[disambiguation needed] and the Philadelphia Gay men's Choir.

Brian owns the copyrights and publishing rights to all his own songs. He is both a writer member and a publisher member of PRS and MCPS. His publishing company and recording label is Bedspring Music.[1]

Brian is married to fellow Artisan member and SF writer Jacey Bedford and they have two children together.

Brian is now a studio recording engineer at Park Head Studio.


  • 1997 Nomination for "Best Folk Song" award by the Contemporary A Cappella Society at the Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards (CARAs) for the song "Lest We Forget", from the Our Back Yard album.
  • 1998 "Best Folk Song" award, at the CARAs, for the song "Mabel" from the Driving Home album.[2]
  • 1999 Nomination for the "Best Holiday Album" award at the CARAs, for Paper Angels. Album included 7 Brian Bedford songs.
  • 2001 they won "Best Folk/World Album" award at the CARAs, for Dancing With Words. All tracks were written by Brian Bedford.[3]


As a member of Artisan Brian recorded the following albums all with songs written by him.

  • Three Piece Sweet (1986)
  • Searching for Yordale (1988)
  • Driving Home (1989)
  • The Season of Holly and Ivy (1990)
  • Rocking At The End Of Time (1991)
  • Breathing Space (1993)
  • Bygone Christmas (1994)
  • Our Back Yard (1996)[4]
  • Paper Angels (1999)
  • Dancing With Words (2000)
  • Christmas Is Come In (2002)
  • Silver And Gold (2003)
  • Artisan Live (2005)
  • (DVD) Artisan at the Paramount (2006) (This is a recording of Artisan's last ever concert on 20 November 2005)



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