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Brian Charles Rooney

Brian Charles Rooney is an American actor and singer.


He is technically a sopranist[1][2][3] (sopranista or male soprano), yet he has also sung high tenor roles in theatrical productions in the United States, Canada, and Europe. His vocal range reportedly spans almost four octaves, and he sings various styles of music.[4][non-primary source needed]


Rooney made his Broadway debut in The Roundabout Theatre Company's 2006 revival of Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht's The Threepenny Opera in the role of Lucy Brown.[5]

The controversial interpretation of this classic work of the modern-theater was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical, and extended past the planned closing of its limited run. Rooney received high marks for his performance.[6][7][8]

In the 2006 revival, Rooney sang the aria with ease,[9][10] so much so that a few critics believed that his performance was lip-synched. Other critics mistakenly likened the vocal performance to those of countertenors.[11][12] The rumors of lip-synching were debunked during the run of the show when a performance was given without the aid of electronic amplification. Rooney was not only proved that it was his own voice, but also that it was a strong one.[13]

As a tenor, Rooney has played the role of Tony on a European tour of the American musical West Side Story.[14] He has been featured in many highly acclaimed, and award-winning, musical and non-musical theatrical productions across the United States in such cities as San Francisco, Miami, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Dallas.[14] He has also been a featured soloist with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and the Oregon Symphony Orchestra.[14]

As a pop-rock singer/song-writer, he recently began performing original material in concert venues in New York City.[15] His collaborator is Paul Leschen, composer and arranger for the rock-band, The Scissor Sisters.[16] Rooney's recent ventures in concert performance and production in New York City have been greeted positively.[17]


In 2007, Rooney was awarded the Lys Symonette Award for Outstanding Dramatic Excellence by the Kurt Weill Foundation.[18][19]


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