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Brian Fox
Brian J. Fox, Santa Barbara, CA 2008
Born (1959-12-11) December 11, 1959 (age 55)
Boston, Massachusetts
Residence Santa Barbara, CA
Nationality American
Other names bfox
Occupation Technologist, author
Employer Opus Logica, Inc.

Brian J. Fox (born 1959) is an American computer programmer, entrepreneur,[1] consultant, author, and free software advocate. He was the original author of the GNU Bash shell, which he announced as a beta in June 1989.[2] He continued as the primary maintainer of bash until at least early 1993.[3][4]

Free Software Foundation (FSF)[edit]

In 1985 Fox worked with Richard Stallman at Stallman's newly created Free Software Foundation.[5] At the FSF, Fox authored GNU Bash,[6] GNU Makeinfo, GNU Info, GNU Finger, and the readline[7] and history libraries.

He was also the maintainer of Emacs for a time, and made many contributions to the software that was created for the GNU Project between 1986 and 1994.[citation needed]


He is the younger brother of three siblings, composer and musician Donal Fox, Thaddeus Fox, and sister Ena Fox. He lives in Santa Barbara with long time partner Lissa Liggett and their three children. He is the son of physicist and educator Herbert Fox.[8]


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