Brian G. W. Manning

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Brian G. W. Manning
Born 14 May 1926 Handsworth, Birmingham, West Midlands, England
Died November 10, 2011(2011-11-10) (aged 85)
Nightingales Residential home, Worcestershire
Nationality British
Occupation Astronomer

Brian G. W. Manning (14 May 1926—10 November 2011)[1] was an English astronomer who discovered several asteroids. He was born in 1926 in Birmingham. He constructed his first mirror from a piece of glass that a World War II bomb blew out of the roof of the factory where his father worked. He began as an engineering draughtsman but later became a metrologist at the University of Birmingham. In the late 1950s, he constructed an interference-controlled ruling machine in a home workshop, which was able to rule high-quality 3 by 2 inch gratings.[2] In 1990, he received the H. E. Dall prize of the BAA.[2][3]

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