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Brian Glascock (born July 17, 1948[1][2]) is known as a rock drummer for The Gods, Toe Fat, Bee Gees, Carmen, Captain Beyond, Soy Cowboy, and The Motels.[1] He also played on albums by Joan Armatrading, Dolly Parton and Iggy Pop and performed in a music video with Nancy Wilson of Heart.

He currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he works as a photo technician and, since 2006, performs music regularly with 30 Second Crash, a high energy rock and roll combo based in Minneapolis. Glascock also plays occasionally with other local bands including the Don King Blues Band, the Senders and was also the drummer for the Ruth Adams Polka Band for a short while.

He is the brother of John Glascock (1951–1979), who was the bassist of The Gods, later Toe Fat, Carmen, Bee Gees and, most notably, Jethro Tull.