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Brian Manning Delaney (born 1965 in California) is a philosopher, author, and translator, based primarily in Stockholm, Sweden. His ventures include English Proper, a translation company; The Infinite Faculty, an online university, web design firm, and rock band; and Die Grosse Liebe, an exhibition and film based on the principle that love is "a powerful force" (he and his collaborator, Åsa Elzén, embarked on a world tour in 2003-04 to visit former lovers on several continents).

Delaney is also one of the founding members of the Swedish Hegel Society (Svenska Hegelsällskapet), and is on the editorial board of Site Magazine. His articles for Site have focused on German philosophy as well as on European attitudes towards the U.S.

His and Sven-Olov ("Walle") Wallenstein's Swedish translation of Hegel's Phänomenologie des Geistes (in Swedish: Andens Fenomenologi) was published in September, 2008. His translation of Den andra födan (English: As a Weasel Sucks Eggs), by Daniel Birnbaum and Anders Olsson, was published by Sternberg Press in October, 2008.

Delaney has been commissioned to write a biography of Roy Walford and is currently dividing his time between Stockholm and Los Angeles.

In April 2009, the Swedish Academy awarded him a special honor for his work on the translation of the Phenomenology of Spirit.[1]

Work in the Life Extension Movement[edit]

Delaney founded the Usenet group, and cofounded, with Lisa Walford, Roy Walford, and others, the CR Society International. He recently co-authored a popular science book on modulating the aging process, The Longevity Diet.

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