Bribir, Šibenik-Knin County

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Bribir is a village in Šibenik-Knin County, near the town of Skradin, southern Croatia. It has 103 inhabitants (2011 census)[1] and its post code is HR-22223. The village is located at the foot of the hill of Bribir (Croatian: Bribirska glavica), which is an archaeological site.

Bribir was founded in ancient Illyrian times and evolved into Varvaria, a Roman municipium.

Bribir achieved its peak in the 13th and 14th century, during the period when the members of Šubić family ruled over Croatia as the Bans of Croatia. Šubićs were called nobiles, comites or principes Breberienses (Princes of Breber, Croatian: Knezovi bribirski). They built a large palace on the hill of Bribir, an ideal place to control the surrounding territory and a perfect area to inhabit. The one who held it had control over all roads and approaches from the sea to the hinterland.


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Coordinates: 43°55′0″N 15°51′0″E / 43.91667°N 15.85000°E / 43.91667; 15.85000