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Bridge Publications
New Era Publications, Copenhagen
Formation 1993
Type Religious publishing
Legal status Non-profit
Headquarters Hemet, California, USA
Chairman of Religious Technology Center David Miscavige

Bridge Publications, Inc. (BPI) is the Church of Scientology's North American publishing corporation. It publishes the Scientology and nonfiction works of L. Ron Hubbard. Outside of North America, this is done under the New Era Publications name, based in Copenhagen.

It also published Hubbard's fiction and the annual Writers of the Future science fiction anthologies until 2002, when Galaxy Press was established for this purpose.[citation needed]

Bridge was originally established in 1971 as Publications Organization, United States.[citation needed] Its location in Los Angeles is amongst other buildings owned and used by the Church of Scientology around L. Ron Hubbard Way, a one block long, no parking, embricked public section of North Berendo St.[citation needed]

In 1990 it was reported that Bridge employees bought and returned their own books to get them on bestseller lists.[1]

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