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Founded 1981
Headquarters Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Area served
Products coffee, tea

Founded in 1981 in Toronto by two United Church [4] ministers and two lay people, Bridgehead is a small fair trade coffeehouse chain which now has fifteen outlets in Ottawa, Canada. In addition to coffee and organic teas, it sells snacks as well as soups and salads made in its own kitchen.[1] In November 2006, Bridgehead was again voted Ottawa’s “Best Coffee/Tea House” by readers of Ottawa XPress, a widely read lifestyle weekly.[2] Bridgehead also sells coffee by mail through its website.

Bridgehead, fair trade, and corporate social responsibility[edit]

Bridgehead’s steady expansion from one outlet in 2000[3] to nine in 2008[4] came after the original Bridgehead closed. A profile of Bridgehead’s post-Oxfam management in the Ottawa Citizen claimed that Oxfam Canada's Bridgehead ultimately failed in the mid-1990s due in part a “lack of sound business practices."[5] Tracey Clark bought the Bridgehead Trading Company in 2000, including its trademarks and customer lists for $30,000. Clark originally relied on financing from family and friends, but by 2002, Bridgehead was owned by 30 investors.[6]

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