Bridgetown, Devon

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Bridgetown, looking west towards Totnes.
Looking east towards Paignton.

Bridgetown is a part of Totnes, Devon. It is divided from Totnes itself by the River Dart, and came into existence as a result of the first bridge being built across the river at Totnes. The river is in a valley, with Bridgetown on the south eastern slope opposite Totnes. There is a C of E church, a village hall, 2 massive grassy play areas, a dentist surgery, a farm, a butcher, two small corner shops, a Chinese takeaway, one pub, which includes its own brewery, longmarsh a riverside walk also used for military training, a rowing club, a caravan park and a veterinarian.

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Coordinates: 51°05′N 3°32′W / 51.083°N 3.533°W / 51.083; -3.533