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This article is about the 2009 album. For the 1945 film, see Brief Encounter. For the 1967 film, see Brief Encounters (film). For the 2012 documentary film, see Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters.
Brief Encounters
Studio album by Amanda Lear
Released October 16, 2009[1][2]
Recorded October–November 2008 in Italy, France, England and Australia
Genre Pop, jazz, dance, Hi-NRG
Length 90:33
Label Just Good Music For Your Ears, Universo SpA, East Cost Records, Warner Music Italy, PMG Music
Producer Nerio Poggi, Enrico Petrelli, Nathan Thomas, Carl M Cox, Peter Wilson, Chris Richards
Amanda Lear chronology
With Love
Brief Encounters
Brand New Love Affair
Singles from Brief Encounters
  1. "Someone Else's Eyes"
    Released: July 27, 2009
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Review scores
Source Rating
Blu.FM (favorable)[3] (positive)[4] (mixed)[5]

Brief Encounters is the fourteenth studio album by French singer Amanda Lear. The album was released in Italy on October 16, 2009[2] as a double CD set containing twenty five new recordings[6] sung in both English and French, comprising eight original compositions and a selection of covers. The first CD contains pop, acoustic and jazz numbers, while the second CD features more dance oriented tracks.

It's described as offering "an exceptional showcase to highlight Lear's unique voice" and paying tribute "to David Bowie who launched her musical career with "Sorrow".

The album was recorded during the Autumn of 2008 in Italy, France, England and Australia, released one year later in Italy and scheduled to be released in France in the beginning of 2010.[7] On December 28, 2009 the acoustic version of selected songs from the album were recorded in a new CD called Brief Enconunters Acoustique and sold via the album's official website. A re-edition of the acosutic version, called Brief Encounters Acoustique - Golden Edition, has been released at the beginning of 2011. A remix album called Brief Encounters Reloaded has been released in France on May 24, 2010 and it includes a remix version of the lead single Someone Else's Eyes edited by Boy George,[8] released as a single on May 10, 2010.

Recording and production[edit]


Lear started to work on her album in October 2008, with PMG (Prolific Media Group) Productions, Carl M Cox and Nathan Thomas for a song called "Doin' Fine",[9] previously recorded by Australian Hi-NRG singer Peter Wilson in 2006. The album was finished in the end of 2008 and was previewed at the years annual Midem music conference in France on 18–20 January.[9] PMG Music had written and produced "Doin' Fine" and have remixed the ballad, "Someone Else's Eyes", a duet between Lear and Italian writer producer, Deadstar.[9] that was released as a first single from the album.

"Working with Amanda, Deadstar and her labels in France and Italy has been a fascinating experience" says PMG's Carl M Cox.[9] "Amanda is unique and like no one else I've ever worked with. The experience of working with her is one I wouldn't have missed for the world. I was thrilled when I learned that I was producing a voice that could also boast, amongst many other things, being a Disney character voice- Amanda was both the French and Italian voice of Edna Mode in the Disney/Pixar blockbuster, The Incredibles. So that for me really was the cherry on the cake."[9]

PMG have continued to work with Lear since March 2009, remixing "Someone Else's Eyes".[10] Originally composed as a ballad, PMG was given the task of revamping the whole song in readiness for release in the clubs.[10] Two mixes have been cut, "All Eyes on the Dance Floor Mix", which marks the entry of new PMG producer, Andrew Firth to the team and the slightly retro "Fully Loaded NRG Mix" by PMG, Steen Ulrich. Both mixes have been added to Lear's album.[10]

Peter Wilson was also recently interview in late March 2008 and said that have submitting a song called "Brand New Love Affair".[11] Wilson described it then as sounding like a sequel to Lear's 1978 disco classic "Follow Me", and it promises to be brilliant,[11] he also said that "Has a real retro vibe, but with a dark edge and modern twist."[12]

Wilson and his songwriting partner Chris Richards also contributed the song "C'est la vie" and produced a cover of "Always on My Mind".[11] Wilson contributed three tracks to the album and produced a fourth.[11] During a chart in early 2009, Wilson described the four track, and said also that the Disc 2 is a tribute to her Munich Euro disco sound.[12] About the song "C'est la vie" Wilson said that is "Pure Eurodance/Hi NRG very trance a la Kate Ryan style", and about "Always on My Mind" he said "Yes, a cover of Pet Shop Boys and of course Elvis. On the radio mix we have stripped it back, with live drum sounds and a miminal [sic] basic production. We love the result. The Dance Mix is very faithful to the PSB version, but also very new Eurodance sound."[12] Finally, about "Doin' Fine," Wison said "I am really excited Amanda has recorded a version of my song. I can't wait for you to all hear it, and it's Disc 2's opening track. She recorded it with the original producers from London that did my version."[12]


In late 2008, while being interviewed by French television, Lear was asked if she was working on a new album. Lear said that was working on a double album with covers of David Bowie and Lou Reed.[13] After, Lear was interview in the Italian TV show Pomeriggio 5 and also there confirmed that she was working on a new album. In both interviews, Lear revealed that she was expecting the album to be released in 2009, but no release date was announced until producer Peter Wilson said in the 2009 chart that the album was set to be released in April 2009.[12]

After nine days, Carl M. Cox announced on his MySpace page that the album was ready to be released in summer 2009,[9] but according with Cox the date of release was moved to summer-early autumn 2009.[10] Al last, in September 2009, Lear was interview at "Radio 1 Europe", and she said that the album was currently scheduled for release in October 2009.[1] The album was released on October 16, 2009 only for the Italian market,[2] whereas a French release was announced by producer Enrico Petrelli on Lear's French fansite "Follow-Amanda-Lear", for January 2010.[14]

Previewed songs[edit]

In her official album site were available in streaming clips of the songs from the album. Clips available were, "Always on My Mind (12" Remix)", "Back to Black", "Cupidon" and "I Don't Wanna Lose You". Later were also added in the site, "Doin' Fine", "Let the Music Play" and "Always on My Mind". Also the clip of the first single from the album "Someone Else's Eyes" was available on the official MySpace of Lear and Deadstar while a clip of "Secret Lover", the B-side was available in the Lear's MySpace.


  • "Someone Else's Eyes" was confirmed to be the first single from the album. A first preview of the song was added on the official site of the album only in streaming, with other songs from the album. The single was officially released on July 27, 2009 as a digital download and with a limited physical edition. The B-side of the single is "Secret Lover", also taken from the album.


The official tracklist was posted in early 2009 on the album site,[6] but was later changed: two songs written by Peter Wilson and Chris Richards ("Brand New Love Affair" and "C'est la vie"), "It's Hard to Say Goodbye" and "It's a Good Day" were replaced with mix of "For What I Am", "Someone Else's Eyes" and "This Is Not America". Also for the CD 1 the acustic version of "Cupidon" was replaced with the "Someone Else's Eyes" video.

CD 1 For the Heart (CD Red)
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Someone Else's Eyes" (featuring Deadstar) Enrico Petrelli 4:15
2. "Back to Black"   Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson 4:08
3. "Cupidon"   Enrico Petrelli, Yuri Primarosa, Nerio Poggi, Amanda Lear 3:15
4. "I Belong to You"   Lenny Kravitz 3:55
5. "I Don't Wanna Lose You"   Enrico Petrelli, Amanda Lear, Ely Barbosa 3:29
6. "Fallin' in Love Again"   Eagle-Eye Cherry 2:48
7. "Je m'appelle Amanda"   Enrico Petrelli, Amanda Lear 2:47
8. "Let's Love"   James Louise Cartney 2:48
9. "Perfect Day"   Lou Reed 3:30
10. "Comment te dire adieu?"   Serge Gainsbourg, Arnold Goland, Jack Gold 2:21
11. "Sorrow"   Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein, Richard Gottehrer 2:37
12. "Suicide Is Painless"   Johnny Mandel, Mike Altman 2:37
13. "Secret Lover"   Marco Morbidelli, Daniele Coluccini 1:56
14. "Someone Else's Eyes" (Bonus video) Enrico Petrelli 4:08
CD 2 For the feet (CD Black)
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Doin' Fine"   Carl M Cox, Nathan Thomas, Baz Qureshi, Chris Rudall, Peter Wilson, Chris Richards, Frank Farian, George Reyam 3:44
2. "Someone Else's Eyes" (All Eyes on the Dance Floor Radio Edit) Enrico Petrelli 3:32
3. "This Is Not America" (Obsessive Mix) Enrico Petrelli 3:48
4. "Let the Music Play" (Long Vs. Remix) Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte 5:24
5. "Always on My Mind" (Radio Edit) Johnny Christopher, Mark James, Wayne Carson Thompson 3:37
6. "For What I Am" (Radio Version) Enrico Petrelli 2:50
7. "For What I Am" (R'n'B Version) Enrico Petrelli 2:57
8. "This Is Not America" (Long Vs. Remix) Enrico Petrelli 6:01
9. "Always on My Mind" (T1's Club Anthem Mix) Johnny Christopher, Mark James, Wayne Carson Thompson 6:31
10. "Doin' Fine" (Extended Version) Carl M Cox, Nathan Thomas, Baz Qureshi, Chris Rudall, Peter Wilson, Chris Richards, Frank Farian, George Reyam 7:43
11. "This Is Not America" (808 Ketamix) Enrico Petrelli 4:48




  • Amanda Lear — main vocals
  • Nerio Poggi — artistic and record producer
  • Enrico Petrelli (a.k.a. Deadstar) — executive record producer, vocals and arrangements track CD1-1
  • Nathan Thomas — record producer
  • Carl M. Cox — record producer
  • Peter Wilson — record producer
  • Chris Richards — record producer
  • Elio Leonardo Carchidi, Photographer - Fotografo[15] — cover artwork and photography
  • Photographers Studio - Studio154, Rome - Italy[16] — photographers production services


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