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Native to Italy, France
Native speakers
approximately 1,000  (date missing)[citation needed]
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Linguasphere 51-AAA-og

Brigasc is a dialect of the Ligurian language. It is spoken in Italy and France.

Area of use[edit]

The Brigasc dialects are Roya, Tanaro, and Argentina, named respectively after the rivers Roya, Tanaro and Argentina. Roya is spoken in the French department of Alpes-Maritimes. Tanaro is spoken in the Italian province of Cuneo. Argentina is spoken in the Italian province of Imperia.


During the Renaissance the Ligurian language was spoken in all the territories of the Republic of Genoa: in the western area of this republic one of its groups (spoken mainly in the area between the Principality of Monaco and Sanremo) was called Intemelio.

The Intemelio spoken in the mountains around Briga was called Brigasc and received some influence from the Occitan language of Savoy.

Tenda is one of the alpine areas where Brigasc is still spoken

In 1947, when France obtained Briga and Tenda from Italy, some French scholars wanted to catalogue Brigasc as an Occitan dialect.[1] However, more recent scholars identify it as a Ligurian dialect, because of lexical and phonetical characteristics.[2][3][4]

Some words in Brigasc[edit]

Italian Brigasc English
più ciü more
piano cian slow
fiore sciu(u) flower
chiave ciau key
occhio ögl eye
ponte pont bridge
porco porc pig
muro muru wall

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