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Offices of the former Coulsdon and Purley Urban District Council, on Brighton Road, Purley
Not to be confused with Brighton Road, Sutton.

Brighton Road is a major road running through Croydon and Purley, in south London, England. The northern part of its length is designated the A235, and further south it becomes the A23.

The road is likely to follow the route of the Roman road through Croydon and is shown on the earliest maps of the town. In the 18th century it was designated a Turnpike, and there was a tollgate at the Selsdon Road junction.

Brighton Road is home to the Purley War Memorial Hospital[1], Whitgift School and the Swan & Sugarloaf public house.

In 1992 the southern section, in Purley, was named as a Local Area of Special Character. Buildings listed as being of local historical or architectural interest include the United Reform Church at number 960, and 1-13 High Street. [2]

Coordinates: 51°19′48″N 0°07′33″W / 51.33000°N 0.12583°W / 51.33000; -0.12583