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Brightstars is a children's performing arts academy that offers singing acting and dance classes for children aged 3–17 years. In April 2010, Brightstars changed its name to ClubHouze. ClubHouze now provides acting, singing and dance classes for children aged 3 – 13 years.[1] In 2011, ClubHouze discontinued classes for children over 7 years of age. ClubHouze now run classes for children aged 3 – 7.

Brightstars was initially founded as a children's talent agency but in early 2009, after becoming a private Australian company, Brightstars re-launched itself as a children's performing arts academy, with the intention to develop children's self-confidence and skills through the performing arts. Brightstars has now emerged as a children's performing arts academy and is no longer a talent agency.


Brightstars was founded in 2003 as part of the Artist and Entertainment Group in Sydney as a children's talent agency. It also offered children the chance to participate in weekend and school holiday workshops with the initial intention of developing their skills and increasing the opportunity to be successful in auditions.

The blend of talent agency and performing arts development proved successful enough for Brightstars to expand its Sydney base, establishing in Melbourne in 2005 and Brisbane in 2007. Also in 2007, Brightstars began to develop a structured education curriculum running programs in acting, singing and dancing that ran after school, at weekends and during school holidays.

The performing arts education program was purchased by Marinya Holdings Pty Ltd in October 2008,[2] separating entirely from the AEG talent development component of the business. Brightstars has re-emerged solely as a performing arts academy that offers classes in acting, singing and dancing for children 3-17yrs. In December 2008, Marinya Holdings Pty Ltd acquired Brent Street in Sydney.

Views on creativity in children[edit]

"Creativity can be encouraged in a variety of different ways, and the arts are a dynamic channel to foster a child's creativity" Ashfaq Ishaq PhD, FRSA Executive Director, International Child Art Foundation [3]

According to a report published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2006 33% of children were involved in organised non-sporting after-school activities such as dance classes, singing, drama and playing musical instruments.[4] A recent article from Adele Horin (2008) highlights the linkage between children's participation in acting classes, dance lessons and/or singing lessons and the positive outcomes in school, kid's emotional development and behaviour.

This linkage is consistent with Larson and Verma's 1999 study in which they found that both structured and non-structured play not only develops a child's motor skills, but children also develop initiative, self-regulation and social skills.[5] These skills can be added to the list of benefits that parents of children who participate in structured, creative activity such as the performing arts, see in their children.


In 2008, Drew Anthony joined Brightstars as Program Director and has extensively re-developed the Brightstars performing arts education programs. Brightstars now offers performing arts themed classes for Under 5's (Twinkles), general performing arts classes that incorporate acting, singing and dancing for 5-6 year olds and specific acting, singing and dance classes for 7-17 year olds.

Brightstars has locations throughout Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney that offer classes after school, at weekends and in the school holidays.



Twinkles by Brightstars is a 45 minute singing and dance lesson that is set entirely to music for children under 5 years. Twinkles classes aim to develop a child's gross motor skills, coordination and imagination through play and the performing arts.

Access All Areas[edit]

Access All Areas is designed to address the developmental needs of 5 and 6 year olds through a combination of acting, singing and dance classes in a safe, creative environment.

Act Out Loud[edit]

Brightstars acting classes work with age appropriate scripts, characters and scenes with the aim of developing mental awareness, physical expression and focus. Research has found that drama classes greatly improve children's self-confidence by increasing interaction, communication and physical expression.

Rock On[edit]

Rock On is a singing based program that explores different music styles, technique and music theory that aims to provide students with a balanced understanding of music whilst developing their vocal skills.

Dare 2 Dance[edit]

Brightstars' Dare to Dance program has been designed to provide children with an introduction to hip hop dance where kids can learn the basics of hip hop. Dare 2 Dance aims to develop fitness, motor skills, body awareness and movement in children.



Every Brightstars teacher has had extensive experience working in the performing arts industry and provide children with first-hand experience of the entertainment industry. The teachers at Brightstars have all sat and passed exams that follow the Brightstars Teacher Training Course (TTC) and each teacher is required to undertake a Government Working With Children ("WWC") prior to starting work.


Each Brightstars venue has a Principal that works closely with Brightstars teachers and Area Managers to oversee classes and maintain high standards. Like Brightstars teachers, each Brightstars principal has a Working with Children Check and have passed the intensive TTC before they have started working with Brightstars.

Community work[edit]

In 2009, Brightstars developed a Brightstars Performance Team. The team consists of up to 20 Brightstars members that have been selected across the hundreds of acting, singing and dance classes to perform in a pop-choir that perform at events in the community.

Brightstars Performance Teams have been set up in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Brightstars Program Director, Drew Anthony says that "the Brightstars Performance Team was set up to provide performing opportunities to interested Brightstars students and help develop a connection within local communities"

Guest choreographers[edit]

In 2009 Brightstars enlisted the help of BJ Rorke from the So You Think You Can Dance Australia top 6 to choreograph the Term 3 Dare 2 Dance program.

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