Brigitte (magazine)

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Brigitte (magazine).jpg
Editor Brigitte Huber
Categories women's magazine
Frequency Biweekly
Circulation nearly 800,000
Year founded 1954; 61 years ago (1954)
Company Gruner + Jahr
Country Germany
Language German

Brigitte is the largest women's magazine of Germany, with a circulation of around 800,000 and an estimated readership of 3,6 million.[1]

History and profile[edit]

Published every two weeks by Gruner + Jahr, the magazine was established in 1954 in West Germany.[1][2] The magazine launched its website in April 1997.[3] The target audience of the magazine is both housewives and working women.[4]

Andreas Lebert and Brigitte Huber served as co-editors.[5] Lebert, after serving in the post from 2002 to 2012, left the magazine to become editor-in-chief of Zeit Wissen magazine.[6]

In 2010 the magazine began to employ real women instead of professional models.[7]

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