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Brilliant Classics is a Dutch classical music record label, based in Leeuwarden.


Brilliant Classics was formerly part of Foreign Media Music B.V., but was acquired by Triacta in March 2011. The company is notable for its ultra-budget market approach, turning around the decline in classical records sales with issues such as the complete Mozart Edition,[1] Bach Edition[2] and Beethoven Edition.[3]

Founder Pieter van Winkel, a former pianist, whose first recording was of "Nocturnes" by John Field on the former Columns Classics label,[4] is married to the Hungarian-Dutch pianist Klára Würtz (nl).[5] In 2005, the French magazine L'Express described Winkel as an ace marketer.[6] Winkel's strategy was to place box-sets of mainly re-issued mainstream classical works in Kruidvat retail stores across the Netherlands. In France, he worked with Abeille Musique (fr) to supply Fnac.[7] In Germany, he supplied Aldi.[8]

In March 2011, the company was acquired by Triacta B.V.. Winkel who is still a consultant for Brilliant Classics, has since started his own label, Piano Classics.[9]


Brilliant Classics' catalogue features a range of classical music including orchestral, choral, chamber, opera and Gregorian chant. Recordings include works by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Telemann and Haydn, as well as performances by Maria Callas, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Boris Christoff, Tito Gobbi, Jaap van Zweden, Emil Gilels, Evgeny Kissin, David Oistrakh and Sviatoslav Richter.


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