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The Telegraph was an evening newspaper published in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It was first published on 1 October 1872 and its final edition appeared on 5 February 1988. In its day it was recognised as one of the best news pictorial newspapers in the country.[1] Its Pink Sports edition (printed distinctively on pink newsprint and sold on Brisbane streets from about 6pm on Saturdays) was a particularly excellent production produced under tight deadlines. It included results and pictures of Brisbane's Saturday afternoon sports including the results of the last horse race of the day.


In 1871 a group of local businessmen, Robert Armour, J.K. Hardy (M.L.A for Brisbane), John Warde, John Burns, J.D. Heale & J.K. Buchanan formed the Telegraph Newspaper Co. Ltd. The Editor was Theophilus Parsons Pugh, a former editor of the Brisbane Courier and founder of Pugh's Almanac[2] The first edition of the newspaper had just four pages and a print run of only 200 copies.[1] In 1963 it moved from its 93 Queen Street premises to its final home in 41 Campbell Street, Bowen Hills (Queensland Newspapers).



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