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The Bristol Mum Festival is an annual festival in Bristol, Connecticut which includes a Mum Parade in Connecticut. The festival celebrates chrysanthemums, formerly a major product of the town, and was first held in 1962, beginning on July 7, 1962. The members of the Chamber of Commerce and City of Bristol officials met and completed a list of activities to take place over six days. They wanted to focus on the positive things that were occurring in Bristol.[1]

When the festival opened it was originally known as the Fall Festival. In 1963 the Chrysanthemum (mum) was also added to the festival's name. Prior to 1986 the nurseries in Bristol would produce over 80,000 mum plants. In 1986 such production ceased.[2] There would be acres of land covered in mums. During the festival over 10,000 people would visit the nurseries.

Today the events include a parade, carnival, gala, Miss Mum competition and other events. The events help to show how important Bristol is and what is going on in the city. Thousands attend the festival each year.


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