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Britain's Best Sitcom was a poll conducted in 2004 by the BBC, to identify the United Kingdom's best sitcom. Viewers were asked to vote for their favourite by phone, text message and on the World Wide Web. The top ten went forward to a final round of voting. Ten one-hour-long programmes were made before the final round, each about one of the Top 10. The programmes consisted of a celebrity speaking on behalf of their chosen sitcom as well as interviews with the stars and people who made it. The celebrity advocating the sitcom gave a list of twenty reasons viewers should vote for that sitcom (each major character would count as one reason), as well as featuring plugs from other famous fans of each sitcom. Jonathan Ross hosted the countdown show. The eventual winner of the show was Only Fools and Horses.


A different television celebrity presented and lauded each respective sitcom in the top ten:

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