Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre

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British Israel Communication and Research Centre
Founded 2002
Founder Poju Zabludowicz
Type Non-profit
  • United Kingdom, Israel
Mission "advancing a more supportive environment for Israel in Britain"

The Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM) is a UK-based organisation which acts to promote awareness of Israel and the Middle East in the United Kingdom. BICOM publishes materials on the history, economy, culture and politics of Israel, Middle East peace plans, terrorism in the Middle-East, UK-Israel relations and foreign policy and the future of Palestine. The material contains no references to authoritative sources anywhere and as such is not considered as academically independent.


BICOM was founded in 2002 following the second intifada. It is funded through private donations.[1] In 2012, BICOM was invited to present its views to a Knesset sub-committee on Diaspora Affairs chaired by MK Einat Wilf.

As an organisation, BICOM has no official position on human rights for Palestinians, apart from mentioning their governing organisation, the Palestine Authority, on several occasions.[2]


At the end of 2012, BICOM published the first issue of its new journal ‘Fathom’, with a strap line of ‘For a deeper understanding of Israel and the region’. It is available online and as a free app for the iPad and iPhone.

Fathom advocates a two state solution as a solution to the Jewish and Palestinian conflict.


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