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Britannia is the original Latin name the Roman Empire gave to the island of Great Britain, a name later used for a female personification of the United Kingdom.

Britannia may also refer to:




  • Britannia (journal), a Journal of Romano-British and Kindred Studies, published annually by the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
  • Britannia, by William Camden, a topographical and historical survey of all of Great Britain and Ireland


  • Britannia Football Club, the precursor to the Collingwood Football Club, Victoria, Australia
  • Britannia Stadium, the home of the English association football team Stoke City F.C
  • Berliner Thor- und Fussball Club Britannia, a German football team, renamed Berliner SV after the First World War
  • Britânia SC, former football club from Curitiba, Brasil (1914–71). Percursor of Paraná Clube.


Popular culture[edit]

  • "Rule, Britannia!", a British patriotic anthem written by Thomas Arne in the 18th century
  • Britannia series, a series of BBC documentaries on various aspects of British culture
  • Britannia (board game), a historical board game first produced in 1986
  • Britannia (Beanie Baby), a Beanie Baby bear made by Ty, Inc. during the late 1990s in honor of and exclusively sold in the United Kingdom
  • Britannia, a fictional location in the Ultima video game series
  • Holy Britannian Empire, a fictional superpower in the anime series Code Geass
  • Sage (comics), a fictional character also known as "Britannia"

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