36th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)

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The 36th Infantry Brigade was a formation of British Army that fought in both the First and Second world wars. During the First World War the brigade was part of the New Army, also known as Kitchener's Army, and disbanded after the war ended. The brigade was reformed as a 2nd Line Territorial Army brigade in the Second World War when the Territorial Army was doubled in size in 1939 shortly before the war began.

World War I[edit]

The 36th Brigade fought throughout the First World War with the 12th Eastern Division on the Western Front.

World War II[edit]

Reformed in World War II as the 36th Infantry Brigade on 7 October 1939, this time as part of the Territorial Army, and attached to the 12th (Eastern) Infantry Division, duplicate of the 44th (Home Counties) Infantry Division. The brigade was formed as a 2nd Line duplicate of the 132nd (Kent) Infantry Brigade. It fought in the Battle of France in May 1940 where it was overrun by the German Army and dispersed and suffered very heavy casualties, due mainly to the division having none of its support units and the infantrymen having had little training. Reformed on 8 June 1940 it eventually was assigned to the 78th Battleaxe Infantry Division and served in the North African Campaign, in Operation Husky and the Italian Campaign.

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