British Compressed Gases Association

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British Compressed Gases Association
Abbreviation BCGA
Formation 1971
Legal status Non-profit company
Purpose Compressed gas (industrial gases) in the United Kingdom
  • 1 Gleneagles House, Vernongate, South Street, Derby, DE1 1UP
Region served UK
Membership Around 70 companies
Chief Executive Doug Thornton
Main organ BCGA Council
Affiliations European Industrial Gas Association (EIGA), Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association (UKLPG), Association of Welding Distributors (AWD), Compressed Gas Association (CGA)
Website BCGA

The British Compressed Gases Association is the UK's trade association for companies in the industrial (compressed) gases industry.


It was formed in August 1971, succeeding the British Acetylene Association, which was formed in 1901.

It used to be based in Wallingford, and also in Eastleigh.


It represents companies that make, supply or distribute industrial gases in the UK, or sell related compression equipment. Use of these gases can be very dangerous due to the low temperatures of the products, and high pressures of the gas when released, and hence the organisation is involved in regulation and laws for use of compressed gases. Compressed hydrocarbon gases (liquefied petroleum gas and dissolved acetylene) also have the danger of exploding, due to the high flammability of the gases.

It represents the compressed gas industry with safety standards organisations such as the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), BSI Group and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

It does not represent companies involved in pneumatics. It holds its annual conference in April.


It is based in the west of Derby, just off the A52.

Members include:

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