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The British Educational Research Association (BERA) is an association dedicated to promoting a researching culture within the academic field, and informing guidance on policy and practice within the field.[1] They provide a forum for academic discussion through holding conferences, disseminating material, publishing current research, and designating awards for research.[1] The association is open to researchers from any discipline.[1] Their publications have become a well known fixture for educational research, and provide an interdisciplinary approach that includes:"reports of experiments and surveys, discussions of conceptual and methodological issues and of underlying assumptions in educational research, accounts of research in progress, and book reviews."[2]

Publications and Awards[edit]


Among their publications they also have irregularly published material, and discontinued material that can be purchased from some book companies. [4]


  • BERA Dissertation Award: made for the best PhD, DPhil or EdD thesis for research; annually awarded by a British university.
  • Meeting of Minds Fellowships: sets up mentoring for applicants by a leader in their field, available for those already established in research.


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