British Forces Gibraltar

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British Forces Gibraltar
Entrance to HMS Rooke at Queensway, Gibraltar - headquarters of Gibraltar Defense Police.
Entrance to HMS Rooke at Queensway, Gibraltar - headquarters of British Forces Gibraltar.
Country United Kingdom (Gibraltar)
Allegiance Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
Branch Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom Royal Navy
British Army Flag British Army
Royal Air Force Ensign Royal Air Force
Part of British Armed Forces, UK Ministry of Defence Joint Forces Command
Commodore John Clink

British Forces Gibraltar is the name given to the British Armed Forces stationed in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. Gibraltar is used primarily as a training area, thanks to its good climate and rocky terrain, and as a stopover for aircraft and ships en route to and from deployments East of Suez or Africa.

Permanent units[edit]

A handful of units are permanently based in Gibraltar for its territorial defence:


  • May 2004 Commodore David White[1]
  • 19 January 2005 Commodore Allan Adair[2]
  • 1 May 2007 Commodore Matt Parr[3]
  • 16 Feb 2009 Commodore Adrian Bell[4]
  • 01 Sep 2010 Commodore Tom Karsten[5]
  • 7 Nov 2012 Commodore John Clink


British Forces Gibraltar have many services available to them. Europa Pool, a gymnasium (within Devil's Tower Camp) and NAAFI shops located within Ministry of Defence controlled areas. BFBS Radio and TV is also available.[citation needed]


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