British Journal of Photography

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British Journal of Photography
Editor Simon Bainbridge
Categories Photography
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Apptitude Media
First issue 1854
Country United Kingdom
ISSN 0007-1196

The British Journal of Photography (BJP) is a magazine about photography, publishing in-depth articles, profiles of photographers, analyses, and technological reviews.[1]


The magazine was established in Liverpool as the Liverpool Photographic Journal in 1854 with this first issue appearing on 14 January 1854, making it the United Kingdom's second oldest photographic title after the Photographic Journal.[2] It was printed monthly until 1857 when it became the Liverpool and Manchester Photographic Journal, published bi-weekly, then the Photographic Journal from 1859 to 1860, when it obtained its present name. The magazine was published weekly from 1864 to March 2010, then reverted to its original monthly period. It is now also available as an electronic magazine.[3][4][5]

In 2013, Incisive Media sold the British Journal of Photography to its publishing director, who formed Apptitude Media.[6]


The following persons have been editor-in-chief of the magazine:


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