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British Library, Add. 14467, Syriac manuscript of the New Testament, according to Peshitta version, on parchment. Palaeographically it has been assigned to the 10th century.[1]


It contains the fragments of Gospel of Matthew (folios 1-8) and Gospel of John (folios 9-15), according to Peshitta version, with Arabic translation, on 15 leaves (10 by 6¾ inches). The writing is in two columns per page, 26-37 lines per page. The Syriac column is written in Nestorian character, with occasional vowel-points and signs of punctuation, the Arabic column has a few diacritical points.[1]

Matthew 7:22-11:1; 11:22-12:10; 16:21-17:13;
John 8:59-10:18; 16:13-18:3; 19:27-20:25.

The larger sections are marked both in the Syriac and Arabic texts.[1]

The manuscript was brought from the covenant of St. Mary Deipara, in the Nitrian Desert.[1]

The manuscript is housed at the British Library (Additional Manuscripts 14467) in London.[1]

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