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The Champion's Jersey

The British National Cyclo-cross Championships are held annually. The winners of each event are awarded with a symbolic white cycling jersey featuring blue and red stripes, which can be worn by the rider at other cyclo-cross events in the country to show their status as national champion. The champion's stripes can be combined into a sponsored rider's team kit design for this purpose.



Year Gold Silver Bronze
1955 Alan Jackson A. Winten Don Stone
1956 Alan Jackson
1957 Don Stone Alan Jackson
1958 Don Stone Barry Spence
1959 Barry Spence
1960 David Briggs
1961 John Atkins Mike Wilkinson
1962 John Atkins Mike Wilkinson Keith Mernickle
1963 Mick Stallard John Atkins Keith Mernickle
1964 Mick Stallard Keith Mernickle
1965 Mick Stallard Keith Mernickle
1966 John Atkins Roger Page Dave Wren
1967 John Atkins Dave Wren John Barnes
1968 John Atkins Roger Page Dave Wren
1969 John Atkins
1970 John Atkins
1971 John Atkins Alfred Stone Keith Mernickle
1972 John Atkins Daryl Brassington Keith Mernickle
1973 John Atkins Keith Mernickle Alfred Stone
1974 John Atkins Daryl Brassington Keith Mernickle
1975 Jeff Morris John Atkins Keith Mernickle
1976 Keith Mernickle John Atkins Christopher Dodd
1977 John Atkins Keith Mernickle Ian Jewell
1978 Chris Wreghitt John Atkins Eric Stone
1979 Chris Wreghitt Phil Allison Christopher Dodd
1980 Chris Wreghitt Eric Stone Christopher Dodd
1981 Chris Wreghitt C. Ledger Eric Stone
1982 Chris Wreghitt
1983 Steve Douce Chris Wreghitt Chris Young
1984 Chris Young Steve Douce
1985 Steve Douce Chris Young
1986 Steve Douce Chris Young
1987 Steve Douce Tim Gould
1988 Steve Douce Tim Gould Chris Young
1989 Steve Douce Barrie Clarke Tim Gould
1991 Chris Young Steve Douce
1993 Steve Douce David Baker Peter Stevenson
1994 Roger Hammond Nick Craig Steve Douce
1995 Barrie Clarke Steve Douce Nick Craig
1996 Nick Craig Barrie Clarke Roger Hammond
1997 Barrie Clarke Steve Knight Roger Hammond
1998 Nick Craig Barrie Clarke Steve Knight
1999 Steve Knight Nick Craig Barrie Clarke
2000 Roger Hammond Barrie Clarke Carl Sturgeon
2001 Roger Hammond Steve Knight Matthew Ellis
2002 Roger Hammond Matthew Ellis Nick Craig
2003 Roger Hammond Matthew Ellis Barrie Clarke
2004 Roger Hammond Nick Craig Jody Crawforth
2005 Nick Craig Liam Killeen Matthew Ellis
2006 Roger Hammond Liam Killeen Jody Crawforth
2007[1] Phil Dixon Nick Craig Robert Jebb
2008[2] Roger Hammond Liam Killeen Paul Oldham
2009[3] Jody Crawforth Paul Oldham Roger Hammond
2010 Ian Bibby Jody Crawforth Paul Oldham
2011 Paul Oldham Jody Crawforth Liam Killeen
2012 Ian Field Liam Killeen Jody Crawforth[4]
2013[5] Ian Field Ian Bibby David Fletcher
2014 Ian Field David Fletcher Nick Craig

Under 23[edit]

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2000 Daniel Booth Phil Dixon Tim Morley
2001[6] Liam Killeen Tim Morley Shaun Snodden
2002[7] Phil Dixon Liam Killeen Daniel Booth
2003[8] Shaun Snodden Liam Killeen Steven Roach
2004[9] Liam Killeen Simon Richardson Chris Skinner
2005[10] Philip Spencer Ian Field Ross Adams
2007[1] Ian Bibby Ian Field Ross Creber
2008[11] Ian Bibby Ian Field David Fletcher
2009 David Fletcher Jonathan McEvoy Stephen Adams
2010 Jamie Harris Stephen Adams David Nichols
2011 Luke Gray David Fletcher Billy-Joe Whenman
2012 Steve James Kenta Gallagher Grant Ferguson[4]
2013 Grant Ferguson Steve James Ben Sumner
2014 Grant Ferguson Kenta Gallagher Ben Sumner


Year Gold Silver Bronze
2001[6] Philip Spencer Jordan Aveyard Craig Cooke
2002[7] Steven Roach Sammy Cotton Craig Cooke
2003[8] Ian Bibby Alex Atkins Ben Crawforth
2004[9] Ian Bibby Alex Atkins Ian Legg
2005[10] Alex Atkins Paul Cox Tom Last
2006[12] David Fletcher Stephen Adams Tom Last
2007[13] Alex Paton Scott Thwaites Jonathan McEvoy
2008[14] Alex Paxton Andrew Williams Hamish Creber
2009[3] Thomas Moses Sam Harrison Daniel McLay
2010 Luke Gray Tom Moses Kenta Gallagher
2011 Hugo Robinson Grant Ferguson Luke Grivell-Mellor
2012 Hugo Robinson Alex Welburn Joe Moses[4]
2013 Billy Harding Jack Ravenscroft Harry Franklin
2014 Thomas Craig Dylan Kerfoot-Robson Jack Ravenscroft



Helen Wyman wearing the national champion's jersey in 2009
Year Gold Silver Bronze
2001[15] Nicole Cooke Louise Robinson Sue Thomas
2002[15] Isla Rowntree Victoria Wilkinson Susan Carter
2003[15] Isla Rowntree Victoria Wilkinson Nikki Harris
2004[15] Louise Robinson Victoria Wilkinson Rachel Heal
2005[15] Louise Robinson Victoria Wilkinson Helen Wyman
2006[15] Helen Wyman Louise Robinson Victoria Wilkinson
2007[16] Helen Wyman Gabriella Day Isla Rowntree
2008[17] Helen Wyman Gabriella Day Isla Rowntree
2009[3] Helen Wyman Gabriella Day Suzanne Clarke
2010[15] Helen Wyman Nikki Harris Gabriella Day
2011 Helen Wyman Nikki Harris Gabriella Day
2012 Helen Wyman Nikki Harris Annie Last[4]
2013[5] Nikki Harris Helen Wyman Annie Last
2014 Helen Wyman Nikki Harris Ffion James


Year Gold Silver Bronze
2006 Amy Thompson n/a n/a
2007 Rebecca Thompson Corinne Hall Becky James
2008 Annie Last Corinne Hall Rebecca Thompson
2009 Ruby Miller Penny Rowson n/a
2010 Hannah Barnes Penny Rowson Rebecca Keogh
2011 Hannah Payton Bethany Crumpton Amy Roberts
2012 Hannah Payton Bethany Crumpton Rebecca Preece
2013 Alice Barnes Lucy Barnes Emily Grant
2014 Ffion James Abby-Mae Parkinson Amira Mellor


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