British Student Korfball Nationals

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The BUCS Nationals take place every year, it is a chance for the student community to show off their skills in a competitive environment.


The winners receive the accolade of being crowned top university korfball club in Britain. The event is organised by the British Student Korfball Association and features two full days of korfball.

BUSA/BUCS Nationals History[edit]

Year 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
2014 1st Birmingham 2nd UEA 3rd Southampton
2013 1st UEA 2nd Nottingham 3rd Birmingham
2012 1st Nottingham 2nd St. Andrews 3rd Birmingham
2011 1st Nottingham 2nd Sheffield Uni 3rd Birmingham
2010 1st Sheffield Uni 2nd Sheffield Hallam 3rd St Andrews
2009 1st Birmingham 2nd Nottingham 3rd Sheffield Hallam
2008 1st Sheffield Hallam 2nd Oxford 3rd London
2007 1st UEA 2nd Sheffield Hallam 3rd Nottingham
2006 1st UEA 2nd Edinburgh 3rd Sheffield Uni
2005 1st UEA 2nd Cambridge 3rd Edinburgh
2004 1st Sheffield Hallam 2nd UEA
2003 1st Sheffield Uni 2nd UEA
2002 1st Edinburgh 2nd Nottingham
2001 1st Cardiff 2nd Sheffield Uni
2000 1st Nottingham 2nd Bristol
1999 1st London 2nd Sheffield Uni
1998 1st Nottingham 2nd Sheffield Uni
1997 1st Cambridge 2nd Sheffield Uni
1996 1st Cambridge 2nd Oxford
1995 1st Oxford 2nd Cambridge
1994 1st Edinburgh 2nd Oxford
1993 1st Sheffield Uni 2nd Oxford
1992 1st Sheffield Uni 2nd Oxford
1991 1st Sheffield Uni 2nd Nottingham

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