British migration to Spain

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Spaniards of British origin
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Andalusia, Valencian Community, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands
English, Spanish
Anglicanism, Protestantism and Catholicism,
Related ethnic groups

British migration to Spain has resulted in Spain being home to one of the largest British-born populations outside of the United Kingdom. Migration from the UK to Spain has increased rapidly since the late 1990s and the British population of Spain in 2014 was estimated to be about 297,229.[2]


Population size[edit]

In 2014, the officially registered British-born population of Spain numbered 297,229.[3]

Population distribution[edit]

According to the data collected by the INE, the distribution of Britons in Spain is as follows[4]

Location Population
Valencian Community 82,214
Andalusia 63,472
Canary Islands 24,742
Balearic Islands 14,744
Catalonia 13,747
Region of Murcia 9,708
Other autonomies 9,564
Community of Madrid 6,650

Social issues[edit]

Academic research has shown that a section of the British population in Spain is poorly integrated into Spanish society.[5][6][7][8][9] A survey of 340 British migrants in the Province of Málaga, for example, found that one third rarely or never met Spanish people, apart from in shops and restaurants, and that 60 per cent did not speak Spanish well.[10] Moves are afoot to improve integration.[11]

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Further reading[edit]

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