Britské listy

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Britské listy
Frequency Daily
First issue 1996 (1996)
Country Czech Republic
Based in Prague
Language Czech
ISSN 1213-1792

Britské listy (English: British letters) is a Czech-language cultural and political internet daily. It is published by a reader-financed NGO Britske Listy o.s. (Czech: Občanské sdružení Britské listy, OSBL) based in Prague.

The paper was founded in July 1996 by Jan Čulík who was then working as a freelancer for various Czech-language media outlets in Prague.

The motto "Daily about everything the Czech Republic doesn't talk about" (Czech: deník o všem, o čem se v České republice příliš nemluví) reflects a declared long-term objective to publish articles on topics that mainstream media in the Czech Republic ignore or under-report. Editorial changes are (officially) kept to a minimum with the main editors preferring to add comments to articles rather than replacing content. Most of the contributors are left-of-center, but the daily does not refrain from publishing articles from most edges of the spectrum including conspiracy theories which would not pass the usual journalistic verification.

Authors, readers and topics[edit]

Topics include local (Czech) and international politics, culture and news.[1] Poll of the readership conducted in 2007 showed readership with a disproportionately high representation of urban men with higher education and high income.[2][3]

Most contributors live in the Czech Republic, Slovakia or are a part of Czech diaspora. Most articles are published in Czech, occasionally in Slovak, in rare cases in English as well. Many articles are written by the editors as translations from English, German or other foreign language. Articles from UK dailies, especially The Guardian, are common.

Important topics coverage[edit]

In July 2004, Britské listy was first Czech outlet to raise the issue of the then-planned NMD base in Czech Republic.[4][5]


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