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Britt Walford (born 1970) is a drummer from Louisville, Kentucky. He was a founding member of the punk band Squirrel Bait, but was replaced by Ben Daughtrey when he decided to play in the band Maurice. After the breakups of Squirrel Bait and Maurice, some of the members joined to form the post-rock band Slint. With Slint, he recorded 2 albums and an EP, including the influential Spiderland in 1991. They broke up shortly thereafter, although they have reconvened for a brief reunion tour in 2005 and in 2013-2014.

In 1989, while a member of Slint, Walford joined Pixies bassist Kim Deal in her new project The Breeders (under the pseudonyms Shannon Doughton & Mike Hunt), with whom he recorded their first album, Pod (1990),[1] also appearing for live performances in drag to suit his stage name.

He was later a member of Evergreen and played with Slint vocalist Brian McMahan's The For Carnation.

Walford was the unnamed subject of The Jesus Lizard song "Mouth Breather" from the album Goat, which describes the outcome of an episode wherein producer Steve Albini asked Walford to house-sit for him.[2]

Walford later joined Watter, whose first album, for the label Temporary Residence, was released in 2014.


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