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Painting of A Brixham trawler by William Adolphus Knell. The painting is now in the National Maritime Museum.
Looking forward on the deck of the Brixham trawler Leader, under way under sail off the south coast of England. July 2008.
The Brixham trawler Leader at anchor off Cawsand, near Plymouth. July 2008.

A Brixham trawler is a type of wooden, deep-sea fishing trawler first built in Brixham in Devon, England, in the 19th century[1] and known for its high speed.[2] The design was copied by boat builders around Britain, and some were sold to fishermen in other countries on the North Sea.[2]

Brixham once had a fleet of 400 such vessels,[3] whose distinctive red sails were coated with local red ochre for protection. Only five remain afloat. One of them, Provident, took part in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant.[4]


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