Bro's (Panda Bear song)

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For other songs, see Bros (disambiguation).
Single by Panda Bear
from the album Person Pitch
B-side Bro's (Terrestrial Tones Remix)
Released December 4, 2006 (Abroad)
February 4, 2007 (US)
Format 12" Vinyl, Digital
Genre Psychedelic pop, psychedelic folk, New Weird America, shoegaze, experimental, lo-fi
Label Fat Cat Records
Writer(s) Panda Bear
Panda Bear singles chronology
"I'm Not/Comfy in Nautica"

"Bro's" is the second single from the Person Pitch album by Animal Collective solo artist Panda Bear.

The song's main riff is a sample from The Tornados' song "Red Roses and a Sky of Blue." The second half of the song features a guitar part from Cat Stevens' "I've Found a Love" from his debut Matthew and Son, and contains a sampled lyric from The Equals' "Rub a Dub Dub."

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Bro's" - 12:38
  2. "Bro's" (Remix by Terrestrial Tones) - 5:10