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Broadcast Film Critics Association
Formation 1995; 19 years ago (1995)
President Joey Berlin
Board of Directors John De Simio, Jim Ferguson, Mark Ramsey, Sara Voorhees
Affiliations Broadcast Television Journalists Association (since 2011)

The Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) is an association of approximately 250 television, radio and online critics. Founded in 1995, it is the largest film critics organization in the United States and Canada;[1] It is perhaps best known for presenting the Critics' Choice Movie Awards each year since 1995.

The BFCA also sponsors, an interview and community website, and selects a Film of the Month and recommends other films throughout the year, based on the cumulative grades each film receives in the monthly balloting.


BFCA members are "working critics whose reviews are broadcast on a regular basis to a wide audience, either on television, on radio, or (in special cases) on the internet"; more specific requirements must be met by radio- and internet-based critics:[2]

  • Radio film critics "must be heard in at least five markets in addition to their primary radio station, unless their primary outlet is in a major city" such as New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Toronto
  • Internet-based critics must be "well-known print critics as well, or among the few internet critics whose reviews are read by a large enough audience", are "easily accessible on their site" and "identified as the site's primary critic"

According to the Los Angeles Times, the BFCA is "largely composed of online bloggers and obscure movie reviewers".[3]

Charity work[edit]

A portion of the proceeds from the best tables at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards is donated to charities such as the Starlight Children's Foundation and Heifer International.[4]

Broadcast Television Journalists Association[edit]

The Broadcast Television Journalists Association (BTJA) launched in 2011 as an offshoot of the BFCA. The BTJA presented its first awards at a ceremony luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles in June 2011. Cat Deeley hosted the event.[5]


BFCA members and their present or former professional affiliations, as of February 2013:[6]

  1. Beth Accomando Formerly KPBS-TV
  2. Bill Harris (critic) Music of Your Life network
  3. Chris Parente KDVR TV Fox
  4. Brian Adams (critic) KLIV 1590 AM (San Jose, CA)
  5. Doug Harris (critic) Formerly KKRW
  6. Scott Patrick Hollywood One on One
  7. Victoria Alexander (critic)
  8. Teri Hart (critic) The Movie Network: Family Channel
  9. Milan Paurich
  10. Mark S. Allen CBS/CW TV Network
  11. Forrest Hartman KQFC Radio
  12. George Pennacchio KABC-TV
  13. Sean Au KTSF TV
  14. Candy Havens RadioX
  15. Sasha Perl-Raver KNBC
  16. Ted Baehr American Life TV Network
  17. Bob Healy Satellite News Network
  18. Mose Persico CTV MONTREAL Mose at the Movies
  19. Jeff Bayer KPAM AM The Bob Miller Show
  20. Devra Hill KAHI Radio
  21. Jenny Peters
  22. John Beifuss TV: WREG, CBS Affiliate
  23. Shawn Hobbs KCEN-TV
  24. David Plummer (critic) WLS TV ABC
  25. Josh Bell (critic) KDWN 720 AM
  26. Louis Hobson Calgary Sun
  27. David Poland
  28. Howard/Sandy Benjamin Interview Factory
  29. Charles Horak KTEP 88.5 FM El Paso, Texas
  30. Steve Pond (critic) The Wrap
  31. Joey Berlin Berlin Entertainment, BFCA President
  32. Robert Horton (critic) KUOW-FM
  33. Ray Pride
  34. Jason Black (critic) KJYO Oklahoma City
  35. Jeffrey Howard (critic) KCLV-TV
  36. Leo Quinones KFWB newstalk 980 AM (Film Freak Talk Show)
  37. David Blaustein ABC News Radio
  38. Peter Howell (critic) Toronto Star
  39. Nathan Rabin The Onion ( the A.V. Club)
  40. Rich Borowy Accessibly Live Off-Line
  41. Terry Hunter (critic) KGMB-TV Honolulu, Hawaii
  42. Matthew Rainnie Formerly CBC TV
  43. Scott Bowles USAToday.COM
  44. Andrea Jackson Dinner & a Movie WEtv
  45. David Ramsey (critic) KPHO-TV (CBS), KNXV-TV (ABC)
  46. Bill Bregoli CBS Radio News
  47. Ron Jacobsohn The Israeli Network (Dish)
  48. Mark Ramsey
  49. Brad Brevet
  50. Harlan Jacobson WBGO Radio
  51. Larry Ratliff Formerly Hearst Wire
  52. Anne Brodie Studio 12 News (Corus)
  53. Nancy Jay EXTV and Radio
  54. Mark Reardon KMOX
  55. Tom Brook Talking Movies (BBC World News)
  56. Ryan Jay
  57. Cindy Redmond Formerly KARE-11
  58. Joy Browne WOR Radio
  59. Miri Jedeikin
  60. Scott Renshaw KSTU TV
  61. Chris Bumbray
  62. Ken Johnson KXPT 97.1
  63. Mike Reynolds Associated Press
  64. Jenna Busch
  65. Lisa Johnson Mandell
  66. Katey Rich
  67. Ian Caddell
  68. Jim Judy
  69. Dean Richards WGN-TV, Superstation WGN
  70. T.J. Callahan WCKT-FM Radio
  71. Ray Justavick Jr. WKNR (ESPN)
  72. Jack Rico, En Pantalla
  73. Jorge Camara Telemundo
  74. Lisa Karlin CBS Radio Network
  75. Jordan Riefe Sixty Second Preview
  76. Arch Campbell WJLA-TV ABC 7
  77. Carrie Keagan (No Good TV)
  78. James Rocchi MSN Movies
  79. Peter Canavese 90.5 FM San Jose
  80. Sandy Kenyon WABC TV
  81. Nathaniel Rogers
  82. Kevin Carr WWCD-FM
  83. Sean Kernan Virden Broadcasting
  84. Neil Rosen New York 1 News
  85. Bonnie Churchill National News Syndicate
  86. Rick Kisonak Mountain Lake PBS
  87. Sam Rubin KTLA-TV
  88. Laura Clifford MATV
  89. Zorianna Kit Huffington Post
  90. Greg Russell WMYD-TV
  91. Robin Clifford MATV
  92. Chris Knight
  93. Maria Salas Terra TV
  94. Ari Coine
  95. Cecily Knobler Live from Hollywood Radio
  96. Gino Salomone WISN-TV
  97. Christopher Coleman
  98. Charles Koplinski WCIA-TV (CBS Affiliate)
  99. Lisa Salvadorini News 12
  100. Pat Collins WWOR-TV and Fox 5 News
  101. Barry Krutchik BFCA Emeritus/Premiere Radio Networks
  102. Don Sanchez KGO-TV
  103. Michael Cook KARZ-TV (NBC)
  104. Dino Lalli KSBI-TV
  105. Shireen Sandoval WSVN-TV, FOX News 7/Deco Drive
  106. Linda Cook KWQC-TV
  107. Tim Lammers Internet Broadcasting Systems
  108. Craig Sanger KOKH-TV (Fox)
  109. Jackie K. Cooper WGXA-TV (Macon, GA)
  110. Joanna Langfield Joanna Langfield Entertainment Reports
  111. Derek Sante Scripps Television Network
  112. Richard Crouse CFTO; CTV's News Channel
  113. Bonnie Laufer Krebs Tribute Entertainment
  114. Fred Saxon The Big Biz Show
  115. Dennis Cunningham Emeritus
  116. Terry Lawson Formerly WJR Radio
  117. Stephen Schaefer Art International Radio
  118. Clayton Davis
  119. Laremy Legel
  120. John De Simio Executive Vice President, BFCA/Board of Directors
  121. Christy Lemire AP Movie Critic
  122. Regina Scruggs Formerly KUHF Radio
  123. Morgan Dean WRIC-TV
  124. Michael Lennox Associated Press Television News
  125. Renee Shapiro KATV-TV
  126. Manny dela Rosa KMIR-TV
  127. Matt Levitz Emeritus Member
  128. Ann Marie Shatilla CJAD 800 Montreal
  129. Robert Denerstein
  130. Emanuel Levy National Public Radio
  131. David Sheehan Hollywood Close-Ups
  132. Victor Diaz YNN TV
  133. Shawn Levy KGW-TV
  134. Alan Silverman Formerly Hollywood Bytes
  135. Bill Diehl ABC News Radio Features
  136. Mary Loos
  137. Russ Simmons WDAF-TV
  138. Dawn Dixon KTRS (ABC am Talk Radio)
  139. Chris Louzader TV: KOLR (CBS) and KOZL
  140. Holley Sinn WTSP - CBS Affiliate
  141. Edward Douglas
  142. Dorothy Lucey Formerly Good Day LA
  143. Grae Drake
  144. Mary Lyon Formerly DIY Network
  145. Clay Smith Entertainment Tonight/The Insider
  146. Mark Dubec Formerly Comcast and CBS
  147. Ben Lyons Extra!
  148. Rachel Smith KVVU-TV
  149. Duane Dudek WTMJ-AM
  150. Jeffrey Lyons Lyons Den Radio/WNYM-AM
  151. Felipa Solis KOFX- 92.3 The Fox
  152. Justin Earl WRIT (Milwaukee Oldies 95.7), WOKY (AM 920-The Wolf)
  153. Ben Mankiewicz What the flick?
  154. Shelli Sonstein Clear Channel
  155. Marc Eastman
  156. Noel Manning II WEBB-19-TV
  157. Greg Srisavasdi The Entertainment Report on Westwood One
  158. Shawn Edwards WDAF-TV Fox
  159. Scott Mantz Access Hollywood
  160. James St. James
  161. Sara Edwards Extra!
  162. Jimmy Martin KRSP-FM (The Arrow)
  163. Alesia Stanford Hollywood Spotlight
  164. Bryan Erdy WHIO-TV (CBS)
  165. Brett Martin
  166. Susan Stark Emerita Member
  167. Tim Estiloz Boston Latino TV
  168. Kiko Martinez News4SA (NBC)
  169. Kevin Steincross Fox 2 KTVI-TV
  170. Guy Farris Formerly KXTV Sacramento
  171. Fiore Mastracci BCTV, Outtakes with Fiore
  172. Patrick Stoner WHYY-TV and PBS
  173. Scott Feinberg The Hollywood Reporter
  174. Mike Mayo WRVA-AM Richmond, VA
  175. Edward Symkus WCAP-AM
  176. Jim Ferguson (critic) KGUN-TV ABC; BFCA Board of Directors
  177. Sean McBride KBOI-TV (CBS)
  178. Brian Taibl KOMO Newsradio and STAR 101.5
  179. Andy Fixmer Bloomberg News/Bloomberg Television
  180. Kevin McCarthy (critic) WTTG (DC Affiliate FOX)
  181. Tom Tangney KIRO Radio
  182. Brian Flieder FOX 35 Orlando
  183. Holly McClure Parables TV
  184. Kristopher Tapley
  185. Maxamillion Foizey Max on Movies 971 Talk Radio
  186. Bill McCuddy
  187. Roger Tennis
  188. Jay Forry
  189. Kirstie McLellan Day Formerly CORUS Entertainment
  190. Rosalie Fox Associated Press Radio
  191. Michael Medved Bonneville Seattle Radio
  192. Lee Thomas WJBK Fox 2 Detroit
  193. Dera Freund Sixty Second Preview
  194. Eric Melin KTKA (ABC affiliate), KSNT (NBC affiliate), KTMJ (FOX affiliate)
  195. Roger Friedman
  196. Jennifer Merin
  197. Anne Thompson
  198. Lisa Fuller Magee
  199. Chris Miksanek The Med City Movie Guy
  200. Claude G. Budin-Juteau TV5Monde/France Television 2
  201. Prairie Miller WBAI-FM
  202. Victoria To Uyen Saigon Broadcasting TV Network
  203. Jack Garner WHAM-TV
  204. Lisa Minjares Website manager
  205. Tony Toscano ABC and The CW
  206. Rusty Gatenby KSTP (ABC)
  207. Nell Minow
  208. Christian Toto WTOP 103.5 (Washington DC)
  209. Lou Gaul WPHT-AM/1210 CBS
  210. Danny Minton
  211. John Urbancich
  212. Guy Giampapa Walpole Community Television
  213. Bob Mondello NPR All Things Considered
  214. Chris Van Vliet WOIO (CBS affiliate)
  215. Joel Gibbs Formerly Movie Mania
  216. Katherine Monk Global Television Network
  217. Andrea Vecchio Formerly WKYC-TV
  218. Kelli Gillespie XETV-TV
  219. Wilson Morales
  220. Sara Voorhees KOB-TV (NBC)
  221. Mark Giza WWLP NBC "Real to Reels"
  222. Shep Morgan KCAL-TV
  223. Willie Waffle DC-50 TV
  224. Megan Glaros Formerly WCBS TV
  225. Bob Wagner KIVI-TV ABC
  226. Chris Gore G4 TV (DVD reviews)
  227. Brittany Mullen
  228. Jan Wahl KRON TV
  229. Susan Granger SSG Syndicate
  230. Terry Mulligan Team 1040 Vancouver/Victoria (Radio)
  231. Tim Wassberg The Inside Reel
  232. Mark Greczmiel IBS
  233. Jonathan Mumm Formerly KXTV News 10/ABC
  234. Stephanie Webb WZZM 13 TV (ABC)
  235. Rod Gustafson WMUZ Detroit
  236. Gayl Murphy CE Radio Tours
  237. Erick Weber New England Cable Network
  238. Daniel Gutierrez
  239. Jackson Murphy YNN TV
  240. Max Weiss WBAL TV
  241. Cynthia Haines KCUR (NPR affiliate)
  242. Rebecca Murray
  243. Jeffrey Wells
  244. Sandie Newton Hallmark "Home and Family"
  245. Dixie Whatley Emerita member
  246. Sam Hallenbeck WFLA-TV
  247. Bill Wine KYW Newsradio (CBS)
  248. Stuart Halperin Emeritus Member
  249. Sean O'Connell WCNC TV (NBC)
  250. Paige Wiser Formerly WLS TV NBC
  251. Sharlette Hambrick
  252. Steve Oldfield WDTN-Dayton
  253. Jeanne Wolf Jeanne Wolf's Hollywood
  254. Jake Hamilton KRIV-TV (Fox) Houston
  255. Kyle Osborne
  256. Bobbie Wygant KXAS-TV
  257. Pete Hammond KCET Cinema Series
  258. Robert Osborne Turner Classic Movies
  259. Bill Zwecker WFLD-TV (Fox Chicago)
  260. Caroline Hand Formerly
  261. Ryan Painter KUTV Affiliate CBS


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