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Broadspeed is a United Kingdom-based automotive group. Established in automotive engineering, it now acts as an internet based retailer.

Broadspeed in the 1960s[edit]

1965 Broadspeed GT
Rear of Broadspeed GT

Broadspeed Engineering Limited and Broadspeed Limited of Sparkbrook, Birmingham UK was originally formed by Ralph Broad in 1962, specialising in performance engine tuning. Team Broadspeed successfully campaigned Mini Cooper and Ford Anglia racers - and manufactured the 1966 Broadspeed GT Coupe based on a Mark 1 mini.

Broadspeed in the 1970s[edit]

Further racing success followed with Ford Escorts and Capris before switching to British Leyland products, initially in the form of the Triumph Dolomite Sprint. Broadspeed won the manufacturers' title in the 1974 British Saloon Car Championship; the following year Andy Rouse won the drivers' title. Tony Dron finished runner up in 1977, failing to win the title when a tyre failure at the final race of the season put him into retirement when leading his class by more than a minute.[1]

Having earlier run BMW 2800CS cars in the European Touring Car Championship,[2] in 1976 and 1977 Broadspeed prepared a pair of V12 Jaguar XJ-Cs[3] for this series. While the cars were fast and powerful, they suffered from unreliability and braking issues. Following the 1977 season British Leyland withdrew their support from the team.

Broadspeed in the 1990s[edit]

Broadspeed Engineering Limited and Broadspeed Limited were purchased by Simon Empson in 1995. The company moved to Colchester, Essex in 1996 and specialised in restoring Mini Coopers and other Mini derivatives such as the Austin Mini Woody Countryman, Mini Van and Pickup. More than 1,000 Broadspeed Minis were exported to around 40 countries worldwide - and a highly modified Mini Countryman was commissioned by Roy Edward Disney, Walt Disney's nephew.

Broadspeed after 2000[edit]

Broadspeed today hosts a New Car web site and connects UK car buyers to Dealerships offering substantial savings. The web site enables buyers to compare new car specifications and savings to place online enquiries.

Ralph Broad died in September 2010 at the age of 84.[4]


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