Broadway Bridge (Kansas City, Missouri)

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Broadway Bridge
Carries US 169
Crosses Missouri River
Locale Kansas City, Missouri to North Kansas City, Missouri
Design Through arch bridge
Opened September 9, 1956
Coordinates 39°06′45″N 94°35′23″W / 39.112475°N 94.589647°W / 39.112475; -94.589647Coordinates: 39°06′45″N 94°35′23″W / 39.112475°N 94.589647°W / 39.112475; -94.589647

The Broadway Bridge is a triple arch bridge that spans the Missouri River in Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States. It first opened for traffic September 9, 1956 on U.S. Route 169. It was built at a cost of $12 million. It was a toll bridge until 1991.

It replaced the Second Hannibal Bridge just to its east which had handled auto traffic on its upper level.

It provides access from downtown Kansas City to the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport and to the city of Riverside, Missouri. U.S. Route 169, which the bridge carries across the river, never enters North Kansas City, Missouri, but skirts the western border.

Broadway Bridge in Kansas City.

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