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Broaster Company is the manufacturer of Broaster Pressure Fryers, licensor of Genuine Broaster Chicken and the branded food program Broaster Express. Headquartered in Beloit, Wis., Broaster Company has been in business for more than 60 years. Broaster Company sells its equipment and food programs through a worldwide network of authorized Distributors. A variety of foodservice operations serve Broaster’s products as menu items or grab-and-go foods.

The Broaster Company was founded when businessman and inventor L.A.M. Phalen came up with a method for pressure-cooking food and invented what came to be known as the Broaster Pressure Fryer. Phalen manufactured the first Broaster Pressure Fryers under Flavor Fast Foods, Inc. and soon formed the Broaster Company, expanding its line of offerings to include food product ingredients and accessories.

Broaster Company is the owner of a proprietary process that creates Genuine Broaster Chicken. The process uses their marinades and coatings to prepare chicken which is then fried in a Broaster Pressure Fryer. Broaster Company also offers other frozen, ready-to-cook food products that include chicken tenders, shrimp and mozzarella sticks among other foods. They are designed to be prepared in Broaster Pressure Fryers or the company’s Countertop Ventless Fryers. Customers can serve the foods as part of the Broaster Express branded program, or include them on their own existing menu without the branding.


Broaster Company history started in 1954 when American businessman and inventor L.A.M. Phalen sought out a fast and simple method to prepare foods. He combined the principles of a pressure cooker and a deep fryer into one process and invented a method for pressure cooking.

The first Broaster Pressure Fryers were manufactured by Flavor Fast Foods, Inc., a company formed under the leadership of Phalen. Two years later in 1956, the Broaster Company was formed as a partnership in Rockton, Illinois. Broaster Company began selling its products through a nationwide distributor network. The company trademarked the words ‘Broaster’ and ‘Broasted’ and only chicken prepared by locations under license have the legal right to use the terms. Although the term ‘Broasted’ is frequently used as a common term for any pressure fried chicken, that product is in fact, not the same.

In 1970, the Broaster Company was purchased by Alco Standard Corporation of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. The company eventually outgrew its Rockton, Illinois facility and moved its operation to a new facility in Beloit, Wisconsin in 1977. In 1991, Alco sold the Broaster Company to a group of private investors. Broaster Recipe Foods Division began in 1992. The company continued to grow, requiring a new administrative and training building to be constructed adjacent to the main manufacturing plant.

The Broaster Company is now an international foodservice company with additional locations in 54 countries. The Broaster Company celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2014.

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