Burroughston Broch

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Burroughston Broch.

Burroughston Broch (grid reference HY 5406 2100) is an Iron Age archaeological site on the island of Shapinsay within the Orkney Islands of Scotland. The site overlooks the North Sea on the northeast part of Shapinsay.[1] Slightly to the south lies Linton Bay. Excavated in the mid 19th century, Burroughston Broch has its earth cladding intact, allowing visitors to peer down into the broch from above. The drystone walls are up to four metres thick in some parts and there is a complete chamber intact off the entrance passage.[2] Some remains of stone furniture are evident in the interior.

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Coordinates: 59°04′24″N 2°48′11″W / 59.073472°N 2.803056°W / 59.073472; -2.803056