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Origin Knoxville, Tennessee
Genres Death metal, deathgrind
Years active 1998–present
Labels Unmatched Brutality Records
Members Michael Bailey
Jamie Bailey
Jon Engman

Brodequin was a death metal band from Knoxville, Tennessee. Formed in 1998 by brothers Mike and Jamie Bailey, the band has released three full-length albums to date. After 2005, all updates from the band ceased.

The band's music[edit]

The name Brodequin was originally chosen by Jamie Bailey to sum up the group and their content. In Bailey's own words, "The brodequin was an instrument of torture designed to destroy the victim's legs by hammering wedges of wood or metal between the legs and boards tied tightly around them. In some cases the damage was so severe the marrow of the bones would flow freely from the wounds."[1] The group's lyrical content holds close to its name, often referring to torture devices through time. Their lyrics are typical for the death metal scene overall, with the frequent references to death, dismemberment, torture, murder and sexual abuse that characterize the genre. The group would intend, however, to give far more of a historical basis for its lyrics than other bands. Jamie Bailey is himself a history graduate,[2] and most of his lyrics are based upon real historical events and implements.



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